7 Links

Laura and Leila tagged me in the Seven Links post going around the blogosphere lately, so I am taking part! The rules are essentially name a post for each category, and then tag more bloggers to take part. Here goes!

Most Beautiful

This was tough for me to pinpoint, since so many of my posts bring up some strong emotions in me. I believe my most beautiful post was my Wild Emotions post. This post however really captures my emotions at a stressful time for me, and makes me thankful for how my life has turned out!

Most Popular

According to wordpress my most popular post is an old Friday Love post. I’m assuming it was just a good day for my blog, because the post is really nothing special!

Most Controversial

I think this goes to my When to speak up and when to shut up post. This was a post from when I was working with a woman at work who was making some “unhealthy healthy choices” and talking about them…nonstop. I got some great feedback, but definitely wrote the post in the heat of the moment, and probably should have taken the time to explain the situation just a bit better.

Most Helpful

In May I made a list of 101 things I would like to do in 1001 days. Although not a new idea in the blog world, I have received so many emails and comments about my list from people wanting to start there own, I’d say that has been the most helpful.

Surprise Success

All of my Friday Love or Happy Friday posts have received a lot of hits. I’m not sure if that is just because people like to slack at work and read blogs more on Fridays? But typically I get the most hits and comments on Fridays!

Not Enough Attention

I’m going to say my Living with an Allergy post. I wrote about my allergy with nuts, and I guess I was just expecting more people to have similar experiences. No? Just me? Damn.

File:Sa almonds.jpg

Most Proud

My Three Years of Love post is the post I am most proud of. This post was written on Chris’ and my 3 year anniversary (although we don’t celebrate!). I believe I am so proud of this post, because we have had a seriously stressful past few months with the move, and living apart for a month during transition. It was tough, and there was a fair amount of arguing, but every word of that post is still true. I still love him with every ounce of my being!

So now I am supposed to nominate 7 more bloggers, but honestly almost everyone I read has already done this. I “nominate”:

Kristen @ Anywhere There is an Airport

Britt @ Fit Chick Britt

Caitlyn @ The Spoonful of Life

Ali @ Student on a Healtcraze

Stephanie @ Love Life Project

And anyone else who wants to take part! I honestly didn’t want to do this…but it was really cool going through old posts. I spent a lot of time reminiscing!


About carlydeal

My name is Carly and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I work for a non-profit organization and spend my free time upgrading my education, snuggling with my LIB and kitty, working out, cooking, and reading.
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5 Responses to 7 Links

  1. Hi-ya! Thanks for the nomination! I was tagged in this game before it went viral and somehow never got around to it… I suppose now I have to do it! 🙂 I do love reading what other writers think about their own work… I’ll try to make mine just as interesting! Thanks again!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I actually did this one yesterday. And honestly, I thought I was the very last person to do it, so I didn’t even bother nominating anyone. Ha! Thanks for the links to some old posts that I’ve missed!

  3. Thanks for nominating me! It’s been interesting to go through your 7 links. I remember reading most of them the first time round, but there’s a few new ones in there too! My ‘most popular’ post has tonnes of views, simply because it featured a stockphoto that people wanted 🙂

  4. I love these 7-link posts that bloggers are doing. So fun. 😀

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