Positive Light

Good Morning! I am back from my one week hiatus. Last week I was in such a bad head space, I decided not to blog. I don’t like reading negative blogs and didn’t want to project my negative feelings here. So I’m back with a better attitude!

That being said, I am also not going to rehash out last week, but I will recreate this fun survey from Caitlin. Enjoy! And if you get the chance do it yourself, I think these questions are an awesome change from the typical “what’s your favorite color?”.

What do you have on your bedside table?

Currently, I’m blogging from bed! So my coffee, water, lamp, fan, journal, phone, lotion and a pen!

Do you have a tattoo?

Yes! 4 of them actually!

I have this one, a fairy on my lower back, three Chinese symbols on my spine, and the quote “Music is the reason why I know time still exists” on my inner arm.

Do you believe in abstinence before marriage?

It’s not for me. I understand the reasons why people choose to abstain and I think that is great for them. I do however think teenagers should be taught the seriousness of sex and should be stressed to wait for a loving and trusting relationship. I wish I had waited a bit longer, but in the end it is just another life experience that turned me into me!

What is your worst habit?

Texting and driving, hands down. I don’t know about where you live but it’s illegal here, and I’m not very good at it.

How do you handle finances in your relationship? Or how would you like to handle money in your future relationship?

For the most part we split things. We each pay half the rent and bills, and typically alternate buying groceries. We aren’t too uptight about it, and it all evens out. Since I just started working, and Chris is doing well at his new job, he has been taking care of a bit more. So essentially, we are relaxed about it. We plan on combining our money once both of us have paid off our student loans. I don’t feel it’s fair from someone else to pay my debts!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Well, as a child I changed my name weekly to each of the girls from the Babysitters Club. Yup, I was that cool. I hated my name! I like my name now, but the primary reason I would ever want to get married is to have a new last name. I have my father’s last name and I don’t associate with anyone in that family, so I really don’t identify with my last name.

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

Anywhere warm! It is July 18 and I can count on one hand how many times I have worn shorts this year. It is raining today, and I am convinced summer is never coming!

What is one political cause you feel strongly about?

I feel very strongly that women should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. And I also feel very strongly about childcare being made more accessible and affordable, yet keeping the AMAZING childcare workers decently paid. I went to school to work in daycares, and sadly left the profession since I could not live off the wages.

Have you ever stolen anything?

A beer pitcher from a pub once, but we kinda told the waitress we were taking it, and left her a big tip, so is that still stealing?

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself?

I don’t watch tv, don’t really know anything about celebrities, and yet, when I’m having a bad day I head straight to people.com. Even though (especially because?) I don’t know anything about these celebrities, reading about their lives calms me down and makes me feel normal. It’s cheaper then therapy!

Your turn! Pick one, or a couple, and tell me your answers!



About carlydeal

My name is Carly and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I work for a non-profit organization and spend my free time upgrading my education, snuggling with my LIB and kitty, working out, cooking, and reading.
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9 Responses to Positive Light

  1. alistudent says:

    As a baby, I had my Mother’s maiden name, but my parents changed it to my Dad’s when I was 3 or 4. Though I’m a lot closer to my mother’s side now, I’m pretty darned glad I don’t share the surname – their last name is Tickle, and the amount of times people hang up on my family members, thinking it’s prank calls, is unreal!

    Our local student’s pub have pint glasses that say ‘Stolen from Bar One’ on them. Naturally, we have about 12 in our cupboards. We also have a massive collection of Starbucks mugs. Apparently, I live with kleptomaniacs. Huh.

  2. When I was 3 years old I changed my name to Sarah. I very clearly remember my rationale too. I thought Sarah had “more letters” than Kristen. Umm… yeah. I didn’t respond or let anyone call me anything but Sarah for 4 months! My parents just went along with it! God love them.

    I don’t have a tattoo. I’m pretty certain I’ll never get one. But there is this woman at yoga who has the most gorgeous tattoo on her upper right back. I am obsessed with it.

    p.s. I hope your head space is feeling better this week. πŸ™‚ Some weeks just have to be better than the last right?? πŸ™‚

    • carlydeal says:

      You are so funny, and your parents are total troopers!

      Tattoos aren’t for everyone. I love mine and don’t regret them, however I sometimes imagine what my body would look like without them.

      And thanks πŸ™‚ Things can only get better, and so far have been!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Wow, that’s an intense tattoo! Very artistic and beautiful. You’re tougher than me…I think I would have cried through the whole thing.

  4. Laura says:

    I’m a bad enough driver as it is without texting, ha. But every time I go to Alberta now I freak out at all the people breaking the law… until my friends remind me that talking and texting while driving is still allowed there. Ridiculous!!

    • carlydeal says:

      “I’m a bad enough driver as it is without texting”….hahaha remind me to steer clear when you’re on the roads πŸ˜‰ I am definitely not the multi-tasking woman, I can only focus on one thing at a time.

  5. I’m a texter and driver too. I know I shouln’t, but I just do it 😦 It’s not a illegal here but it’s certainly dangerous.

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