We made it!

Yesterday was the longest day of my life.

We pack up our house and said goodbye. It was much harder then expected. The place we are moving out of was the first place Chris and I lived together, plus, I loved our place!

We then embarked on the 5 hour drive to Vancouver. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

  This is a crappy photo from my iPhone, but it somewhat captures what my drive looked like the whole way!

Once we got to Vancouver we had to take a ferry to Vancouver Island. (And at this time Chris had left us to stay with his family where he temporarily working). Well, if you don’t live in BC you just can’t comprehend how horrible the ferries are. For one, if you miss a ferry you have to sit in your car and wait two hours for the next one.

 Not fun. Not fun at all.

BC ferries also can charge however much they like since it is the only way over. Which is why it cost nearly $100 for me to take my car over. Gross.

Scot had his first big car ride. He is not settling into my Mom’s very well, he kept me up all night. He did well on his car ride though.

 It broke my heart to see him locked up. There may have been tears.

So we made it in one piece! This week should be full of adventures….so stay tuned!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?


About carlydeal

My name is Carly and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I work for a non-profit organization and spend my free time upgrading my education, snuggling with my LIB and kitty, working out, cooking, and reading.
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8 Responses to We made it!

  1. Ah, it’s so sad to leave a home behind, but you’re on your way to a new one!

    Eek, I’ve got to take my cat on a 5 hour trip next month. Not looking forward to it, she’s a notoriously bad traveller.

    • carlydeal says:

      Best of luck with your cat! I was really worried but Scot did well. I just didn’t have a way to give him water and he was absolutely parched by the time he got out.

  2. 5 hours in the car is enough to send me over the edge! Then you had to ride in the car… ON the ferry? :/ I might have jumped overboard! So glad you made it safely!

  3. Laura says:

    Ahhh… I hate the ferries! But glad to hear you made it safe and sound!

  4. $100 to take your car over! Ridiculous! I’m so anxious to find out where you guys wind up moving!

  5. Michelle says:

    Five hour drives are never fun… I have one coming up tomorrow morning, ick! At least you had such beautiful scenary 🙂 Good luck with the move and everything – I’m looking forward to following along!

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