Silver Linings

Happy Tuesday! I work out of town today (not far…but out of my office) so Tuesdays usually don’t register as “real” work days in my mind. Wahoo!!

Unfortunately my doctor visit didn’t go as planned yesterday. I still have a mystery diagnosis and have to go for a ton of testing on Thursday, including more blood tests (my favorite as we all know). My doctor suspects I might have Celiacs. Ummm….pardon me?!


I’m trying not to worry about it, right now I’m mostly just worried about the blood tests. Man I hate needles.

I just keep focusing on how nice it will be once we figure out what is wrong so I can start feeling better. The good news already is that I have the green light to start exercising again. I actually went for a run yesterday, but it was slightly miserable as it was sooooo windy!

So I’m really trying to focus on the silver linings of everything in life right now, which can be so difficult. Why is it so much easier to recognize the negative?

I challenge you all to find the silver lining in at least one negative situation today.

The one thing I can’t find a silver lining to is the Jays losing their 7 run lead in the 9th inning. Really boys?

Have you found a silver lining lately?


About carlydeal

My name is Carly and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I work for a non-profit organization and spend my free time upgrading my education, snuggling with my LIB and kitty, working out, cooking, and reading.
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7 Responses to Silver Linings

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your new blood tests, but hopefully you can get a diagnosis soon, and Celiacs is a condition that’s manageable. If it turns out that it’s not Celiacs, then it may be IBS or Candida – the doctors thought I had Celiacs when I was little, but when the tests came back negative I was eventually diagnosed with IBS instead.

  2. I wish you a million positive thoughts that the answers you are looking for are uncovered soon. The silver lining that I look at with health issues is 1) We have doctors and healthcare and 2) There are always second opinions. There is such a plethora of knowledge out there. Nothing seems impossible. That’s silver lining if I ever wrote it! πŸ™‚

  3. bakebooks says:

    Oh I need that picture πŸ˜‰ Oh the Jays! I want to go to a game so bad 😦

  4. bakebooks says:

    Oh also – what kind of problems have you been having? I hate needles too but I hope it helps you figure it out.

  5. I’m sorry about your mystery sickness. I hope your blood test go well and they can find out what’s wrong. I’ll be thinking of you! I had to get a shot in my eye lid yesterday. talk about ridiculously scary and painful! Youch.

    I found a silver lining in my busy, stressful school day! Even though I have a huge test Thursday and all my projects are coming due, I was able (somehow) to stay positive. Smiling…that’s what got me through πŸ™‚

  6. Leslie says:

    I’m just finding you again via Tracey’s blog. Hope you find an answer soon. I have a loved one with a gluten intolerance (not celiac disease, so I’m not sure that it turned up on a regular allergy test). It was a relief for him to finally know what was going on (and to be able to feel better). Good luck. πŸ™‚

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