Sick, sick, sick.

I am dying.

I truly have never been this sick before in my entire life. I spent the entire day yesterday sleeping and am still not feeling good.

Yesterday my head felt like it was 100 pounds and I could focus on anything, TV, computer, books, nothing. So it was a fairly unproductive day. Especially since after all that rest I am still crazy sick!


So since I am still sick I won’t be able to go to work yet again today. However I’m hoping I can be more productive today and get some homework done. Other than that though, I would love to hear some suggestions of how to pass my day: What do you do when you are sick? Any fave movies or pastimes?

To make up for this very short post, here is a video that will make you think:



About carlydeal

My name is Carly and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I work for a non-profit organization and spend my free time upgrading my education, snuggling with my LIB and kitty, working out, cooking, and reading.
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4 Responses to Sick, sick, sick.

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick! Ugh, it’s the worst.

    I saw that video on friday. It’s amazing, isn’t it, to see a ‘typical’ human being.

  2. awwwwwwww 😦 that really sucks. i’m so sorry. the last time i was really sick (about 3 years ago) i just quarantined myself in the bedroom with a bunch of dvds of The Office, slept, rested, and took my meds 🙂
    feel better soon!

  3. Laura says:

    Everywhere I go here I hear somebody say “I’m just getting over (insert sickness here)”. It’s really going around! Feel better!!

  4. I hope you get better! If anything, take advantage of not having to go to work.

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